About The Gay

Hi Everyone,
Tim here, yes, I am The Gay Farmer.

Just wanted to let you know more about myself. I am a gay man living on my families farm. We have sheep and soon to have some cows.

So how I got to this point in my life and making candles. Well in 2016 I was working in Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, and I was Bully, Harassed and Discriminated in the workplace and then terminated after complaining about it. From there, I hoped WorkSafe Vic would help, but didn’t. So my mental health declined badly, and I now suffer with Serve Mental Health issues.

In 2022 my niece visited and was telling me how she made candles, and it can be relaxing and creative and being a creative person I was like I want to try this, and I started making a candle for my friend Molly Irvine to raise money for her to go to a World Champs for Triathlon.

I loved making them, and now I make 100% Soy Candles in drinkware, so my candle jars have a second use and people get something other than a jar they would throw out.

Hope this gives you a little insight into how I got to this point and how it is helping me with my mental health issues.